Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ali's Beautiful Christmas Tree.

Johnson Family Christmas Party.
All of us are telling Santa our wish list.
Shirley Temple (LOL)
Alaina wanted her hair this way
for her school Christmas Program.
Alaina is telling Santa that she wants an
American Doll with bed for Christmas.

Isn't she just an American Doll herself.

Cousin Halli, not sure what she is asking for.

Also just like an American Doll.

Alex and his girlfriend Aubrie.
We love her.
Our Traditional reading
on Christmas Eve.
Twas The Night Before Christmas
My spot is along side Alaina
on that pillow.
The family even went down to the
cemetery and read it to Greg.
That was his job On Christmas Eve to read the story.
We can't forget santa and his Reindeer.
The note says
"Santa this cookie & presles & mints are for you.
But the carrots are for all of the 9 reindeer."
Alaina wrote it herself.

Christmas Morning,
Wake Up Santa was here.
Santa brought her all this.
Alaina was so excited.
We had a great Christmas.


Jenae said...

Yay, updated blog! I love the pictures. I hope you guys have a great Christmas.

Heather said...

Yea, new pictures!!!

Brent & Andrea said...

I love that you updated your blog :)
Nice pictures of your family and I love the cute background. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you updated your pictures! Love the pictures, Alaina looks so cute in the pictures.

happymother said...

Oh my gosh I knew you had a intresting lfe to blog about

Tiffany Kay said...